Ob arm oder reich, jeder Mensch auf der Welt wünscht sich einen Stuhl, auf dem er sich hin und wieder niederlassen kann. Stühle sind nur für eine Person und lassen sich einfach zusammenstellen, um sich mit anderen zu unterhalten. Ob arm oder reich, jeder Mensch auf der Welt braucht die natur, um leben zu können. Das Foto wurde in der Umgebung unseres Studios aufgenommen: in den Dünen Hollands, die ein Symbol für die Natur sind.

Whether rich or poor, wherever they live, people seek a chair to sit on.
Chairs are light, can be used only for oneself, and can easily be set together to talk with other people. So a chair can easily bring people together.

Whether rich or poor, wherever they live, people need our nature to survive in this world. Nature is our common binding. A good climate is essential to survive.

People like icons and symbols. With these, they can personalise their environment. They will choose a chair according to their feelings, needs and possibilities. Even with a simple chair they can show something of them selves.

As for our idea for the ONO chair project we wanted to combine these three elements:

Symbol of Climate:
In behalf of a good Climate we decided to drill little holes in the seating. Historically, holes in the seat were made to have a good ventilation and climate on the sitting surface. So the holes are the symbol of a good Climate.

Symbol of Nature:
We decided to use an image of our Studio’s environment nearby: the Dutch dunes. We took a photograph of beach grass blown in the wind.
By enlarging the photograph, we transferred the image by using drill holes. So the image of our environment is the symbol of Nature

Symbol of personalisation and meeting:
Adding at the already wide range of possibilities for the ONO chair, we suggest a further personalisation possibility: with a computer program, people could deliver their own photo or text. This can be drilled in the chairs seat and back. So their own image applied into the chair, makes it their own unique chair, as well as it can be a part of a series of chairs.

Studio Leon Thier architects
Februari 27th, 2010

Charity chair team:
Studio Leon Thier/architects
Leon Thier & Elisabeth Tukker

the cooperation of Ruben Thier

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